Listed below you'll find links to co-workers (past/present) and friends. Check out their work- they continue to influence me to this day!
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  Chris was my lead at Neversoft (and he was in my wedding!), and has some spectacular work on his page...
  Alan is a seasoned industry vet, with many-a-credit to his name. His website serves as a compendium of his vast industry knowledge, and is definitely worth a visit (or two)!
  Jeff is a classic, hard working, jack-of-all trades game artist. We used to kick it at lunch time when he worked at a studio down the street from me at the time.
  Eric Blondin is a character artist with lots of experience in ZBrush. Check out his site for the Z sculpt pimpage.
  I've worked with Ron in two studios, and have always seen him as an inspiration for getting the job done. He's a damn hard worker, and great artist.
  Mr. McKinley is a Maya genius, and has had two instructional books published in his name so far! Check out his page- definitely worth a look or two.
  Ralph rocks - that's all I can say.
  Marcus does some awesome next gen character work! Check out his site to see what I'm talking about.
  The best web hosting service ever! Great packages - have a look. Word on the street is that they do web design as well!
  Jesse is a hard working, ass kicking character artist, and technical wizard who has worked on numerous large projects in the videogame industry. Check out his page to see his latest creations!
  Brent is an aspiring game artist who is on his last leg of schooling. Check out his page and give him a job!
  Bryan has some awesome ZBrush chops. Check out the next-gen work on his page!
  Gary Dave is a noob. Check out his page for his latest work!
  Jessie Boyer is a talented character artist with a diverse portfolio of work. She rocks- check out her page!